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Letter from a visitor: I was a pregnant teenager and I want to tell you the outcome.

Letter from an "adoptable" baby: How to write an effective "dear birthmother" letter.

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Pregnancy Resulting from RAPE

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Infertility, Adoption is Big Business

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Baby Loss, Grieving a Baby "Given up" for Adoption

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Adoption is big business

Child of goldThe Adoption Broker (Adoption Agency, Adoption Attorney or Other)

The adoption broker may be an agency, social worker, lawyer, physician, religious minister, or even an individual soliciting to obtain a child for her own use. Usually the broker benefits through fees or donations to the "charitable" work of finding babies for people to adopt. Infants "sell" for anywhere from $10,000 on up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Most brokers enjoy "angel" status in addition to the monetary benefits.